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Top 10 Feng Shui News Stories 

Should You Feng Shui Your Hair?

Celebrity stylist Billy Yamaguchi has Feng Shui?d everyone from Lady Gaga to Deepak Chopra to Jennifer Aniston to Phil Jackson. Go inside his hair philosophy.

15 Jul 14

Kris Aquino ? Coco Martin works for ?Feng Shui 2? will the prediction that he fathers her child rumor come true?

In 2012 it was a big headline and a certain fortune teller predicted that Coco Martin will father a child with Kris Aquino! Ity was a far fetched idea back then since Kris and Coco never had a project together. Now they are teamed up for a new movie ?Feng Shui 2? intended for the [?]

09 Jul 14

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